Effectively on 7/1/2016 TTMS has changed names to TTNI-US.

For over ten years, TTNI Group has been providing high-quality yet, cost-efficient IT solutions in North America. Our rapidly-growing company has been successful at utilizing our global IT network by breaking regional, cultural, and language barriers.

We strive to maintain the open culture in which we work as a team where everyone has the opportunity to contribute new ideas to the table.

Let us help you CONNECT your organization with IT.

N/W & Security Center Service Management Center System Development Center Telematics Support Center
N/W & Security Center
Network Integration Service, Cloud Service Consultation, Security Consulting (ATSG, SOX), Software ...
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Service Management Center
Bilingual IT Service Desk (Japanese, English, Spanish.), Data Center Management Service, New ...
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System Development Center
In-house Support (Engineer Assignment), System Development (PHP, Java, .Net), CATIA/XVL ...
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Telematics Support Center
System Development Support and Server Operation (Monitoring) Service
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