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A Secured environment alternative to VDI at Low Cost.

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Next Generation VDI, “ZERO Data”

ZERO Data is a solution that saves users’ computer data to the cloud or on-premise servers.

The storage destination will be carefully evaluated and selected based on your require- ments and environment. ZERO Data excels in terms of security, functionality and cost. Upon connecting to the server or cloud, it allows users to view, edit and store data in real time.

ZERO Data Features


No Data stored in User’ s PC

  • Administrators can easily manage consolidated data.
  • Improve software updates and troubleshooting.
  • Minimize risk of information leakage from loss or theft.


Less dependency on OS and application

  • Can be implemented and executed with existing Technology Infrastructure.
  • Maximum utilization of users’ PC resources.
  • No difficulties or delay during PC start-up.


Cheaper than VDI

  • Utilize existing environment, reduce implementation cost.
  • Zero Data does not require a special- ist or professional to manage.
  • Zero Data does not require high specification servers.

ZERO Data Usage Scenarios

You can solve these problems with “ZERO Data”

ZERO Data_Out of Office Security Measures

Scenario 01

Out of Office Security Measures
Loss of important data and information when laptops are stolen or lost.

ZERO Data_Flexible Workstyle

Scenario 02

Flexible Workstyle
Data cannot be accessed from outside office. This prevents employees from working remotely, thus decreasing operational work efficiency.

ZERO Data_Centralized Data Management

Scenario 03

Centralized Data Management
When decentralized data is stored by individual users, negligence or malice may result in information leakage.

ZERO Data_Reduction of management cost

Scenario 04

Reduction of management cost
Substantial administrative burden during repairing PC and User’ s data backup/migration.

ZERO Data Implementation Flow

  • Consultation (Free)

    Consultation is free. Please do not hesitate to contact us for inquires.

  • Product Proposal (Free)

    We will carry out assessment of Microsoft “Active Directory” that is necessary for implementation.

  • Implementation of ZERO Data Environment

    Preparation of technology environment to imple- ment Cloud or on premise file server.

  • Enhancement of Network Environment

    Network environment will be set up to allow access to Zero Data environment from within company premises and also from remote destinations.

  • Configuration of Users’ PC

    Users’ PC will be configured using tools such as software distribution tool, AD logon script etc.

  • Data Migration from User’ s PC

    After installing the application, users can effort- lessly migrate their data to the cloud or on-premise server.

  • Go Live


Please feel free to inquire anything. We will reply within a week.