Driving the automotive market innovation with technical expertise.


Digitization and an increased level of connectivity are creating opportunities for innovative mobility services and business models in the automobile industry. To enable the market transformation, we provide support to enable secure and intelligent IT infrastructure that connect business processes across the extended automobile value chain.

Connected Vehicle

In-vehicle multimedia design and development We help design and develop next generation user experience in vehicle infotainment systems. Taking lifecycle approach to the Human machine interface (HMI) development, our support include product planning, UI/UX design, application implementation and quality assurance.

Vehicle data aggregation platform To fully maximize the value of data from in-vehicle connected devices, it is the foundation to combine the volumes of diverse data sets with analytics capabilities. We provide support on building IT system architecture to collect, store, distribute the data from connected car technologies including telematics and advanced driver assistance systems.

Automobile value chain

Manufacturing IoT analytics The entire production cycle can be streamlined by incorporating IoT and predictive analytics capabilities. We help you proactively identify potential issues by developing a system architecture to collect and analyze the data from sensors embedded in manufacturing equipment.


Cloud solution offers a variety of integrated services to help businesses optimize consumption and increase scalability, providing analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking solutions, storage and web services. Our cloud services span fundamental phases of the cloud lifecycle — design, build, and manage to make sure your cloud solutions deliver the greatest business value.
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Cloud Managenemt

Public Cloud

Public cloud provides data-driven, intelligent services powered by big data platform with AI and machine learning capabilities. Taking advantage of a comprehensive set of cloud services including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, we help you design, develop and deploy the right cloud strategy with Microsoft cloud solutions:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud provides the flexibility to combine your preferred clouds and existing on-premises infrastructure. We help you connect on-premises data and apps to overcome complexity and optimize your existing assets.


TTNI-US,Cyber Security

Vehicle Security

The continuing introduction of more connected features to cars opens up new potential attack vectors. We address the security vulnerabilities and challenges introduced by today's connected vehicles, ensuring the right technologies are designed into the vehicle.

Enterprise Security

With the move to cloud services, software-defined networks and IoT devices, the risks from cyberattacks become increasingly daunting. We help you design and implement integrated security architecture, automating preventive strategies across network, cloud and endpoints. Our security assessment services enable you to assess current security posture and vulnerabilities as well as better manage security operation processes.

Core Services

Project Management

Help you successfully manage project scope, schedule, resources, and communication. Agile project management methodology can be implemented as well as traditional approach to increase the value of your business.

System Integration

Manage the inherent complexity with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture design, deployment and optimizing system operations. Integrate secure and scalable network solutions that unify your infrastructure through consolidation, virtualization and automation.

Application Development

Develop engineering and enterprise applications based on industry experience and knowledge in automobile engineering systems. Ensure compliance with market requirements and regulations while improving time-to-market.

Bilingual IT Service Desk

Break language and cultural barrier by providing Japanese and English bilingual support. Identify customer problems and ensure that inquiries are promptly resolved.

Application Maintenance

Support corporate and engineering applications to improve quality of systems and operations. Install, configure applications as well as take an analytical approach to allow for continuous improvement through visualization of workflow.

Global License Management

Streamline procurement and provide flexibility to meet your evolving business needs. Allow you to control costs and simplify license management while maximizing your business value from global volume licensing programs.


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